Information Technology in 21st Century is changing rapidly and banks are adapting to new technology to improve their customer service, create new delivery channels, enhance internal communication and expedite internal and external banking processes. These new advancements and innovations in Information Technology require comprehensive review on advantages and disadvantages as well as challenges it may represent that may be elusive.

At BankInfra Technology, we understand these challenges. Depending on the technology, its suitability and adaptability in each financial institutions and banks can be very different, unique and may even present different sets of conditions and challenges.

BankInfra Technology has been very successful in addressing Information Technology challenges with proven methodology in Information Technology consulting services. BankInfra Technology’s Information Technology consulting service is extremely flexible to address the technology concerns from small implementation requirements to evaluating entire bank’s information technology processes with holistic effectiveness and efficiency of the Information Technology operations.

With BankInfra Technology’s Information Technology consulting services, many of our clients have benefited from successful and seamless technology implementations. In many cases, BankInfra Technology has created number of solutions in supplementing the solutions. For example, RegCCinfra is a module that works with many teller platforms to provide seamless and robust interface to address Funds of Availability issues. RegCCinfra adds value of the teller platform with very low cost to enable funds of availability notice to be generated at the teller when the transaction completes.

Other innovations such as SDinfra, (Safe Deposit Box management solution), iStatement Plus (internal digital check image storage solution), FAXinfra (customer statement and notification solution) and MOBILEinfra (mobile banking solution) are some of many solutions BankInfra Technology has successfully created and implemented to our clients.