• BIX - eRisk

    Intuitive Risk Management Platform for Financial Institutions


BIX-eRisk is an Enterprise Risk Management platform, a stand-alone com-
ponent of the Bankinfra Systems Suite (BIX).

eRisk has been designed from the ground up specifically tailored for the banking and other financial institutions. This platform leverages existing risk management activities by integrating them into a formalized, flexible ERM process. Faced with a volatile risk environment, the majority of banks and other financial institutions have been driven by their regulators to reorganize and re-prioritize their organization’s approach to risk management. Executives recognize the importance of continuously monitoring exposures, but few are able to monitor key risks continuously within their organizations.

From small community banks to large multinational financial institutions, too many resources are taken up by manual compliance activities. As the number of regulations increase and change, so do the risk assessments required as part of your ERM and compliance process.

eRisk has been conceived to change that and streamline the process of risk management with pleasant user experience in mind.

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User Experience

The problem with other ERM solutions on the market is that it is fairly complex and unintuitive to use. The functionality is there, however, it is tedious and daunting to utilize for the average user. What makes the eRisk risk management platform so appealing is in it’s intuitive user interface designed so that anyone can use it with little to no training.

BIX-eRisk’s pre-built out-of-the-box risk dashboards and risk reporting capabilities provide flexible filtering, configuration options, and enterprise-level or drill-down views. Aggregate all your risk, compliance, and governance information in a report that matches all stakeholder and executive-level priorities.

How It Works

If you’d like a demonstration of how eRisk works, get in touch with us and we will schedule a live demonstration over the phone and screen sharing.


eRisk was designed so that reports are easy to comprehend and have meaningful use of colors to signify risk levels.

Here is an example of the Risk Assessment Report generated by eRisk+.  Click the image to download the generated PDF.

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