e4641 Plus

Bankinfra’s e4641Plus is an automation solution for asset verification requests by the Social Security Administration that many banks still fulfill manually.  e4641 Plus responds to the requests sent by the Social Security Administration’s server with accurate data from the database.  It analyzes the data for any discrepancies and is a fully secured solution.

There are hundreds of requests made per day by the SSA.  Automating the process will save your organization lots of time and resources.

Our e4641 Plus application statistics show that even the smallest regional banks can receive up to 500 requests a day.

Why automate this process?

  • Save valuable time and free up human resources.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Lower risk by eliminating human errors and providing consistent data.
  • Let it run in the background and simply monitor the reports it generates.

More Info

General Information

Full automation of the Social Security Administration’s E4641 Program

The Social Security Administration has a secure web-based version of Form 4641 called e4641.  It’s a secure internet solution financial institutions can enroll in to authorize the SSA to obtain and request records.  It is generally used to verify financial accounts to determine Supplemental Security Income (SSI) eligibility.

It’s a way for the SSA to contact you for information electronically (and the financial institution will send it back electronically) rather than faxing or mailing a paper copy to be faxed back or snail mailed.

Currently, most banks utilizing this e4641 program have a dedicated member or bookkeeper fill out the forms online and submit them when a request is received.  Although the process has moved from paper forms to fax over to a form that’s submitted electronically, it still requires the manual processes of human research and input.  Also, upon enrollment into the SSA’s e4641 program, it’s not unusual to see a spike in the number of requests you receive from the SSA.  The majority of our clients came to us due to the sizeable increase in requests they started to receive after they were pressured into enrolling into the e4641 program.

Our solution automates the manual processes of the SSA’s e4641 program, and it frees up the time and resources your staff spends on fulfilling these requests.

How It Works

Request and Response Cycle

The Social Security Administration sends a request to e4641+ in the form of a data file filled with customer information.  That data file is parsed and analyzed to search for the client in the bank’s system, and then creates a response data file ready to be placed on the SSA’s file transfer server.  The data file is then transmitted securely on an encrypted connection to the SSA’s server.  After the process is completed, e4641+ can be configured to contact the operations team or customers via e-mail automatically.

This batch profile processing task is scheduled to run once on a daily basis.

Inquire & Implement

If you would like to implement Bankinfra’s SSA e4641 program automation solution, feel free to contact us over the phone, e-mail, or simply use the contact form found on our website.

The average implementation time of e4641+ takes approximately two weeks.


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