eTradePlus is an integrated solution that automates the complete lifecycle of trade finance transactions in real-time.   The solution is fully integrated with a configurable workflow management system that provides banks the flexible to map client business processes.   It interfaces seamlessly with SWIFT and FedlineII as well as any mainframe banking applications.

eTradePlus is an ultimate solution for trade finance transaction management which streamlines the transaction lifecycle to minimize costs and maximize profits. It segregates critical reports, managerial reports, maintenance reports, and many internal control reports for different level of personnel including customers. It also provides sound interfaces with SWIFT, Telex, Fedline, mainframe such as M&I, Jack Henry, ITI, and other, and third party applications.


  • Lower operational costs by automating traditionally manual, paper-based trade finance activities with workflow-based processes, electronic forms and documentation
  • Reduced operational risk through automated data entry, significantly improving documentation quality
  • Improved customer service by creating consistent and timely electronic documentation that enables staff to focus on building client relationships
  • Greater operational flexibility and scalability to respond to market and client demands across the range of instrument types
  • Stronger relationships with corporate customers by allowing them to be included in the end-to-end automation of documentation
  • Lowered operational risk through automated, workflow-based software providing a full and audited view of all trade activity from deal capture to allocation, confirmation and settlement


  • SWIFT Interface
  • Web Letter of Credit Application
  • Lending Limit/Line Limit Control
  • Online Journals and Reports such as:
    • Limit Control Reports
    • Delinquent Loan Reports
    • Department G/L summary Reports
    • Maturity Reports by Maturity Date
    • Security / Risk Control Reports
    • Product Reconciliation Reports or G/L Certification