For many years, the main benefits sought by bank operation and branch automation was increasing cost savings and enhancing efficiency; however, equal, if not more importance is weighted on streamlining decision making processes, reducing processing time, reducing man power required, automated information delivery to enhance business intelligence and seamless integration with existing processes with flexibility and scalability.

BankInfra Technology understands these needs and the technology available to help banks and financial institutions to achieve higher operational capability. Rapid technology evolution with affordable hardware pricing has made possible for even a small community banks to compete with national banks in the technology front even for those banks in service bureau environment. In addition, open technology by sharing data among different core system and databases enables customization of any software solution sought by the bank and with banking experience at BankInfra Technology, we can assist you to achieve your goal faster with accuracy and affordably.

Anything is possible to streamline the process of routine tasks. The cost for automation is much closer to the software package price. Outsourcing for automation is widely used to confirm the continuity of the system. Even auditors and examiners tend to analyze banks’ system to see its consistency rather than internally produced output.

A few hundred of automation and software deployments have been implemented by Bankinfra Technology Inc. since March 2002. BankInfra Technology’s effective operation automation starts with through and comprehensive analysis and assessment of your current bank operation. We make suggestions to improve your operation as well as present you with possible hurdles. All possible interface requirements are also analyzed and automation scope is documented and approved by the bank.

Please visit our products to evaluate if our existing solutions may fit your needs. Also keep in mind that our products can be modified to custom fit your needs.