Bankinfra Technology delivers Disaster Recovery Planning that are tailored for each financial institutions and address all functional areas, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

All of BankInfra Technology products were designed for sound bank operations and quick recovery in case of a disaster.   The Disaster Recovery Plan specifically covers the following topics:

  • Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis
  • Evaluate Critical Needs
  • Establish Recovery Priorities
  • Determine and Document Strategies and Procedures to Recover: facilities, hardware, software, communications, data files, customer services, critical systems, and other processing operations
  • Determine types of Teams and Team Responsibilities for Crisis Management Information Systems, Core Business and Reconstruction
  • Designation of Key Responsibilities
  • Define Responsibilities for: Staff Members, Key Personnel, Department Leaders, Coordinators, Chairpersons
  • Identify Backup Locations
  • Identify Available Workspace at other Locations
  • Emergency Notification Procedures
  • Determine and Document Individual Plans for the Crisis Management Team, the IS Team, Core Business Team and Reconstruction Team
  • Network Backup Plan
  • Voice Communications Backup Plan