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Banking Operation Services

Bankinfra Technology provides a complete approach to reviewing a financial institution’s operating structure and reporting functions.   Bankinfra can evaluate what methods are in place and what methods are required to enhance operation processes and activities then identify and report potential weaknesses with best industry practices.   Please click on services offered below to find out more.

Information Technology Solutions, Compliance and Guidance

Bankinfra Technology provides best industry practices in managing information technology resources with robust information security and strategic planning guidance while compliance to regulatory agencies within banking industry.   Please click on services offered below to find out more.

Compliance and Risk Management

Bankinfra Technology understands the challenges and concerns as well as regulatory intentions set forth by Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) on financial institutions and banks.   With live experience in working directly with examiners, Bankinfra Technology provides solutions and guidance that custom fits your bank.   Please click on services offered below to find out more.

Software Development and Implementation

Developing and engineering software solutions for financial institutions is our specialty.  As a Microsoft technology partner, we utilize the latest Microsoft and web technologies available to develop secure solutions that scale.  If you are in need of software development services, consult with us so that we can devise a plan and solution for you.

Our Technology Stack

.NET Framework / .NET Core
AngularJS / ReactJS / VueJS
MS SQL Server

Our Process

  • Concept

    Gathering all the necessary information on the required processes and architecting a solution to sketch out a detailed concept which will serve as a starting point for our development team.

  • Wireframing

    Together, a wireframe of the entire application and it’s user flows will be created so that our front-end designers can utilize it as a reference during the design phase.

  • Design

    Our designers develop the user interface for the application to be connected to the engine to be developed.

  • Coding

    Our rock star developers begin developing the engine and back-end that will make the entire application run and do its magic.  Utilizing the latest technologies available and using industry best practices, code is pushed and tested on a daily basis.  Utilizing Agile development methodologies, our developers push updates daily with the ability to adapt to  abrupt changes and requested updates.

  • Testing

    Our developers practice TDD (Test Driven Development), however, additional quality assurance testing is done in house to assure that the release is stable and secure.  Once in house testing is done, and alpha and beta testing phase will need to be done on site, on the production or environment similar to the production environment to be deployed on.

  • Feedback

    As a final step before deployment, our feedback phase allows for any minor changes or revisions to be made after having tested the software on site.  Any major feature requests or changes that wasn’t brought up during the concept phase and will require major restructuring of code will incur additional charges and delay the deployment time as testing will need to be done again.

  • Deployment

    A final version of the software is made and deployed to the production environment by our technicians and developers.  Implementation time varies depending on the complexity of the solution requested.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Bank of Hope

Bankinfra’s e4641+ software solution for asset verification automation has helped us increase our efficiency and eliminate our error prone manual processes.  Due to the increase in these requests, we had dedicated staff working on just these 4641 form requests.  We no longer have the need for dedicated staff to manage this process as the software solution has automated the whole process and simple monitoring of notifications and reports is all that’s required now.

Bank of HopeVP of Operations Bank of Hope
Bank of Hope

We currently use a variety of Bankinfra’s products and custom developed solutions on a daily basis.  We currently utilize Bankinfra’s CIP (customer identification program) for BSA compliance and eProcurement to streamline our purchase ordering process.  All of the solutions created by Bankinfra has helped increase our efficiency tremendously and reduce the cost of operations.

Bank of HopeCIOBank of Hope
Open Bank

We had to go through lengthy reports to analyze previous day’s inputs for teller transactions in order to compare tellers’ input and item processor’s transit items.  I heard great things about Bankinfra’s services from a colleague so we requested a development that’ll help us produce a simple journal for exceptions on teller entries.  This cumbersome task has been reduced to now having to only review a concise exception report.

Open BankCEOOpen Bank
Commonwealth Business Bank

For our SBA loans, we handle our SBA 1502 Colson Report using Bankinfra’s i1502Plus which was custom developed for us.  It helped simplify the process of collecting data from textual reports and organize it in a comprehensive manner.  It just takes a click of a button to complete preparing a report for Colson.

Commonwealth Business BankCEOCommonwealth Business Bank
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