WIREinfra is a scalable end to end wire transfer automation system. It converts a ticket-based, cumbersome process requiring manual account posting, compliance checks and customer confirmations process into efficient, cost-effective, and paperless transaction system.

WIREinfra remarkably increases the department’s efficiency by reducing the time needed to complete work processes with a significant accuracy. All transfer request, both internal and wire transfers are maintained in a database which allows users to search and view details at any time.

It is an affordable wire solution for banks of all sizes.


  • Automates wire approval process
  • Meet BSA recordkeeping requirements
  • Enhances compliance with the Patriot Act and other government regulations
  • Interfaces with cash management and other third party systems
  • Reduces labor costs and allows banks to easily scale up wire operation
  • Improves customer service by eliminating errors and improving efficiency


  • Automated OFAC Scanning
  • ABA Number Validation
  • Print Tickets
  • Upload Block Entry
  • Incoming and Outgoing Wire Reports
  • Real-time Customer Notification (optional)