EyesOnIT provides easier and user friendly way of managing user security configuration with Fiserv Premier solution.

nformation security has been a rising concerns for many banks for many years. As a result, many banks have implemented solutions and processes to mitigate the information security concerns and risks for the customers; however, the rising information security concerns have spread even greater for the internal employees especially those employees who control and administer information systems. In other words, are the actions and activities made by the employees as well as Information Technology service group or department accounted for on a daily basis? BankInfra’s EyesOnIt can effectively address these concerns.
BankInfra’s EyesOnIt with innovative and efficiently automated process can effectively monitor internal employee as well as IT Administrator daily activities while reducing the monitoring time with enhanced accuracy.

Even if you already have internal information security review process, EyesOnIt will greatly reduce the time and effort. In addition, using EyesOnIt will enhance your internal software inventory.

As with all BankInfra solutions, EyesOnIt is designed to enable robust and seamless interface and integration with each institution’s core banking systems.

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