Bankinfra Technology Inc. is a software developer helping bankers mitigate various risks in banking operations as well as improving operation efficiency for excellent cost savings.   Optimum combination of banking personnel and system is essential for successful management.   Performance and reliability test has been formally conducted and passed for each of the following software.

FASB 156 compliance for SBA loans sold – Effective January 2007, FASB issued new rule handling income and cost recognition method. FASBinfra2 was upgraded to handle new rule including FASB 140 for accurate calculation and amortization for gains on SBA loans sold.

BSA Compliance is getting tougher if the Bank has MSB customers – Starting the year 2007, most states of United States strengthen rule of reporting for Money Services Businesses or Check Cashing Business owners. On bank’s side, MSBs became high risk accounts. Some banks which have more MSBs are building infrastructure to handle customer information in an efficient manner.

BankInfra’s products and solutions interface seamlessly with other banking and financial systems. Designed in a multi-tier architecture, BankInfra’s products utilize both standard graphical user interfaces (GUI) and browser-based thin-client technology. Available on major platforms and operating systems, BankInfra’s products and solutions streamline the transaction lifecycle to minimize costs and maximize profits.