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Bankinfra introduces WEBED for training

WEBED is a web-based training/survey tool for employees. It also can be utilized survey among employees and customers. Full automation including notification, scoring, and record keeping management have been made. Eight developers and designers have completed this product and now it is in test phase. After successful test, Bankinfra is scheduled to release it on […]

Another delivery channel – SMS

Pacific City Bank launched its new services delivering account information to customers’ mobile phone on March 3, 2008. Through a simple identification process for security purpose, customers will be able to receive their account information such as current balance, latest transaction, ACH, and other product advertisement. As of April 11, 2008, approximately one month since […]

Pacific City Bank sees increase in mobile banking

Pacific City Bank sees increase in number of mobile banking users accessing for their account information. Not only on PDAs, but mobile phones are used more frequently to inquire account balances and other account information. The number of registration for mobile banking service increased by fifteen from twenty one to thirty six this month comparing […]

Hanmi Bank strengthens its internal control

Hanmi Bank recently adapted EyesOnIT to strengthen its internal security in IT services. EyesOnIT provides the Bank with detailed security log report with simplified analysis report. For compliance in IT and security, monitoring security and core banking access is getting more important. In addition to penetration from outside to intranet, daily review of critical transaction […]

Reg CC Compliance is getting easier

Saehan Bank successfully installed RegCCinfra for its RegCC compliance (Expedited Fund Availability Act) in the beginning of September 2007. RegCCinfra easily integrates into any exiting teller software. Saehan Bank uses EZTeller from Harland Financial Services Inc. and integration went smoothly as expected. Uploading hold transactions to the bank’s core system has been automated and each […]

CRM solution is still hot in banking industry

Not only mega banks but small-community banks can implement its CRM at a reasonable cost. With ample knowledge in banking industry, Bankinfra implemented CRM software to meet the unique needs of bankers. Industry-specific banking CRM software from Bankinfra Technology, Inc. will not only help to improve customer satisfaction and rapport, but offer the infrastructure interoperability […]