Smart Phone Banking

Bankinfra has released its smart phone banking application to replace mobile banking in one of the Los Angeles based bank. The phone O/S has been implemented with Android, Blackberry, and iPhone for user interface linking its host bank’s websites in the format of mobile banking.

eVoucher – Paperless Item Entry

Item Block Entry for paperless item management requires dual control and proper logging procedure.

Bankinfra developed eVoucher to automate paperless entry from ITI Core System for block entry user banks.

Intranet or web-based version is also available for easy installation. Main feature includes:
1) Dual control,
2) Automatic interface with ITI Core System,
3) Account Number, Tran Code, and Balance validation,
4) Multi-level security for entry, supervisor, and administrator, and
5) Complete audit trail report to remove unnecessary documentation for dual control.

iStatement Plus – Check Image

Wilshire State Bank and Hanmi Bank selected iStatement Plus from Bankinfra Technology Inc. for thier Check Image Statement and Check Image Viewer.

iStatement Plus built in Microsoft SQL Enterprise stores and archives TIFF images in safe and optimized format so that retrieving image is so fast enough. Search criteria is made up of account number, portfolio/CIF number, TAX ID number, date of transaction by deposited/issued items.

It also provides a Who-Did-What-When audit trail report, and CD statement for business accounts with EXCEL spreadsheet export capability.

Customer’s viewer program can be downloaded from bank’s website or can be delivered in a CD.