EyesOnIT – Internal Security

Internal control or security becomes more important than ever. Regulators increase reviewing employees’ entry on its core banking system and security. EyesOnIT focuses internal security review on core banking system access and WAN. It also covers technology vendor management.

Hanmi Bank installed EyesOnIT last year and added WAN review module last week. Security Administrator can also review user specification detail, changed information log, and statistical information.

Wilshire State Bank upgrades RegCC

Wilshire State Bank has upgraded Regulation CC compliance software with EZTeller Enterprise from Harland Financial Solutions. Wilshire State Bank wanted to allow every teller to print fund availability notice at Teller Windows using teller printer immediately.

RegCCinfra allows every teller to print fund hold notice in immediately after a trasaction. The features include:
1) automatic identification of local, non-local, and government checks,
2) flexible reason and default number of hold days,
3) multiple items,
4) interface with any teller software and core system,
5) full compliance with Regulation CC,
6) multiple user security levels for tellers, supervisors, and branch managers, and
7) complete audit trail with time stamps

Safe Deposit Box Management

Center Bank installed Safe Deposit Box Management Software last week. While it tracks all the transactions with exact time stamp, box holders using Driver license scanner makes both customer service representatives and customers convenient

Paperless processing environment with database maintenance also makes it possible for BSA department’s research. James, Project Manager, stated that customer representatives liked this software because it decreased customer interruption during other regular work significantly

SDBinfra uses intranet customer database which is parsed from core system report files on a daily basis. There is also direct interface option available for some service bureau environment such as Information Technology Inc (ITI) and Jack Henry.

Bankinfra introduces WEBED for training

WEBED is a web-based training/survey tool for employees. It also can be utilized survey among employees and customers.

Full automation including notification, scoring, and record keeping management have been made.

Eight developers and designers have completed this product and now it is in test phase. After successful test, Bankinfra is scheduled to release it on June 16, 2008.

Another delivery channel – SMS

Pacific City Bank launched its new services delivering account information to customers’ mobile phone on March 3, 2008. Through a simple identification process for security purpose, customers will be able to receive their account information such as current balance, latest transaction, ACH, and other product advertisement.

As of April 11, 2008, approximately one month since the product introduction, more than one hundred customers registered for this service.

In addition, employees simply use this for communication. Each employee can send text message to customers from the desktop. High level of security and encryption architecture enables Pacific City Bank expands its delivery channel.